Monday, October 10, 2011

Where I been.

Taking a month off Twitter/ Facebook's been good for me. Pencilled 13 pages of CHEW 22 last week (that's the entire in-progress issue above), and inking them this week. Gonna be a good week.

Leaving Oct. 18 for Armageddon Expo in Melbourne and New Zealand. Should be a great trip.

Also, finally got an iPhone after my son destroyed my cell over the weekend. So I may be posting via mobile a bit more. Who knows?

Back to work,

1 comment:

Andrew Close said...

I always enjoying seeing the effort that goes into making a comic... but being able to watch my favorite comic as its being made through your blog is endlessly rad.

I don't care if you abandon Twitter or FB forever... just don't cut us off here. Your blog adds layers of icing onto an already brilliant cake that is CHEW.