Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back to Basics.

Found these cool 5.5x4.25 inch pane cards in my closet and decided to make some use of them. So I've been screwing around with these fun little shots of some of my favorite characters as a morning warm-up. Below are the initial trials, which I scrapped since wet media didn't work well with the cards at all. Above is today's trial, Goku and Piccolo from DBZ (yeah, I'm a fan from way back). Happier with the DBZ ones, so I think I'll try to keep a daily blog of these for fun. Fingers crossed. I may or may not sell these at

Below is a cover for IDW's new TMNT series that made the rounds quite a bit last week. It's a long, exhausting story, so if you wanna hear it, feel free hitting the Google. Very proud of the cover, and it was really a dream come true, as TMNT was a big part of my childhood. Will I ever work on the project again? God only knows. Regardless, the cover is for TMNT #6, which I think comes out in December.

And below is the final cover art for the CHEW Omnivore Edition Vol.2, which also comes out in December. Tons of extras and goodies.

And that's kind of it. I'm taking a bit of a sabbatical from the usual Twitter and Facebook haunts at the moment, so here's the one place to find me. I'm kind of done with the constant information barrage that is social networking, so I may or may not return to it. And if I do return, it'll be in a way reduced capacity. I've definitely been guilty of using both sites as a forum for mindless bitching and snarky comments, so I'm done with that at the moment. I just wanna draw good comics and have some fun.

Oh, and I finally dropped my LinkedIn account. Because it was totally useless.

CHEW #21 hits stands today, so check that out. I'm knee-deep in penciling #22, which should be out in mid to late November. It's a longer break between issues than I like, but the issue calls for it. It'll be worth it, promise. Strong, strong issue.


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