Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check-in 2010.

Damn, I've reeeeally been slacking on the blog-updating side of things.

But hey, it's been a crazy 2010. Went to Italy (as pictured above) for the release of CHEW's Italian version and enjoyed fine wines, fine cuisine and a much-needed nap. I also finished CHEW's second story arc, "International Flavor", and am knee-deep into the book's third arc, "Just Desserts". And even made time to impregnate my lovely wife April. Life is good...

Here's what's new:

1) CHEW #11 will be released on June 9, along with the CHEW Vol.2 trade paperback (both pictured below).

2) CHEW Omnivore Edition Vol.1 due out on July 21. Hardcover goodness collecting the first 10 issues of the book, along with tons of sketches and exclusive goodies.

3) CHEW nominated for an Eisner Award (Best New Series) and 2 Eagle Awards nominations (Favourite American Colour Comic and Favourite New Comic). Hells yeah. Pretty damn flattering to be nominated, but I must admit that I want these shiny prizes.

I'm looking to post a more extensive blog post later, but for now, here's a look at future CHEW covers (including a cryptic peek at the top secret CHEW 15 cover).



Clarence Dass said...

Your work on Chew is freaking awesome. The art style complimented by a great story, easily makes Chew one of my favourite comics.

Looking forward to more of your work...

Jade Carver said...

Congratulations to you and your wifey! I hope she's not too unhappy with you being away promoting Chew. I'm sure she isn't because it's an AMAZING piece of work and you and John deserve every bit of recognition you get. I was finally able to get my hands on International Flavour today. I'd make all my mates read it if I was able to let go of it :P

Mike said...

Just picked up Chew: Taster's Choice! Freaking amazing, had to check out the ChewComic blog and followed it over to your site here.

Congratulations on an amazing, incredible year. Will you be at San Diego Comic Con this month?

Rob Guillory said...

@Mike: Yep, Layman and I will be camped out at the Image booth all week. Stop by!

knail said...

Bonjour, désolé de ne pouvoir écrire en anglais mais je ne suis absolument pas bilingue.
Je vous félicite pour votre travail et j'espère que votre aventure durement longtemps.
je vous mets mon lien de site si cela vous interresse.