Thursday, July 29, 2010

Post SDCC 2010.

My first shiny prize.

So, being that I've only posted a whopping 2 times in the last year, I figured it was time for a real update. The last year, not the mention the last week, has been one bit of madness on top of more madness. All in a good way.

1) CHEW wins the EISNER Award for Best New Series:
Complete and utter lunacy. Not to mention that the awards were presented to us by the great Dave Gibbons. Fitting, as I studied Gibbons' work on Watchmen for ideas on how to build the world of CHEW visually. A surreal experience, and an incredible honor. John and I have put a lot of hard work into making CHEW a consistently entertaining read, so it's great to have it pay off with the comic industry's most prestigious award. Thanks to everyone that supported our weird little endeavor.

2) CHEW in Early Development for TV:
It's true. And so far Stephen Hopkins (Californication, 24) is attached to direct and produce it. Exciting, but I won't allow myself to smile about it until 1) I see it on TV, 2) It's GOOD and 3) The check clears. Maybe a lot to ask for, but I'd rather aim for excellence than mediocrity. Either way, things are looking good.

3) CHEW in Morgan Spurlock Comic Con Documentary:
Weird, but Layman ended up as a "character" in this thing. I ended up being his awkward, but incredibly handsome partner. Actually worked for me, as I hate being on camera. The camera crew managed to get all sorts of SDCC goodies on film, including our Eisner win. Should be a great time capsule.

4) CHEW/Threadless Contest Announced:
Yep, submit your best comic-related shirt design. If you win, your design will appear on a major character in CHEW #15. Lose, and Layman gets to pummel you to death with his Eisner. We'll be judging this personally.

5) CBR Interview on a Yacht Online:
We got limited edition CBR kazoos!

6) We got HARVEY Nominations:
One for Best New Series and I got one for Best New Talent. Honored to be nommed, of course. And of course, I wouldn't mind winning. Won't be able to make it to the ceremony due to a signing that same night.

7) CHEW Shirts:
The first CHEW apparel, featuring Poyo (below), was debuted at SDCC, and is available online. $20 plus shipping. Printed on American Apparel shirts, these are comfy and high quality. Expect more designs shortly. Email to order.

And I guess that's it for now. Back to the grind. Below is an unreleased bit of CHEW art, created for the Image Comics SDCC Exclusive 2010 Yearbook. Enjoy, and see ya later.



Unknown said...

Congrats, R & J! Yeah, I voted for you in the Harvey's, too! Just mailed my ballot off yesterday. Rockin' con!

DeadpoolNakago said...

Congratulatons Rob. I can't say I'm shocked given all the great press on "Chew", but I'm happy I got a chance to talk to, now, an Eisner award winning artist for the show.

Now, Kody just needs to win an Eisner for best new series for "Sweets".

abjosh said...

Well deserved win and congratulations. Keep up the great work... my wife and I absolutely love the series.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Eisner and all the other great things you've got going on. You deserve it. Your work on Chew is fantastic. It's now my favorite series, so thank you for giving us all such wonderful book each month!

Keep up the great work!

Crowley said...


4 Color Guru said...

Good job on the Eisner fella'.
Is it all sinking in yet?

shane oakley said...

much deserved.

especially cool you winning an eisner since your art is outside the mainstream norm.
i know how tuff it can be if you don't want to play 'house style safe', but you've shown that
diversity wins - power to your pen!