Friday, July 3, 2009

In the Manner of Hotcakes.

Page from CHEW #3.

Alright, if you haven't heard, CHEW #1 (Second Printing) and CHEW #2 are both sold out. In the case of the second issue, you might be able to find a few at a local comic shop if you're reeeeally lucky. But as for the second printing of #1, this is a case of the readers blowing our expectations. We set out to print a certain number, did it, then the demand for the issue totally dwarfed what we were prepared for. Which is friggin' fantastic for us, but you those who still haven't snagged a copy, it kinda sucks.

But, don't panic. On August 5, the first 3 issues of CHEW will be in stores. This is a PERFECT opportunity for new readers to jump on, and for others to catch up. So again, on that date, we'll be releasing:

CHEW #1 Third Printing
CHEW #2 Second Printing
CHEW #3 First Printing

That's a mouthful.
Also, don't forget, Layman and I will be hanging out at the Image booth at San Diego Comic-con. We'll be selling and signing books, doing sketches and generally shaming the Image brand, so stop by and say "Hey!"

And again, THANK YOU to everyone that has made this book such a huge "WTF?" success. Seriously. You guys took a chance on a total madman writer and a no-name artist, and we're dedicated to delivering the best damn book in comics (mainstream or otherwise). John and I think it only gets better from here.

Later for now. Pages to ink.



kat truffaut said...

You guys deserve it!

Paul said...

Hay, im all the way over in Ireland and i cant get a copy of chew #1 for love nor money where can i order it online, everywhwere is sold out and i cant seam to preorder it anywhere