Monday, June 15, 2009

CHEW News and Art FAQs.

First look at the cover of CHEW #4.

So, yes, if you haven't already heard the news, CHEW #1 sold out in 48 hours. Incredible. Thanks to every single person that picked up this book, and extra-special thanks to every person that blogged, tweeted or messenger-pigeoned about it shortly after reading. You guys rock, and we hope you stick around for the rest of the ride because it only gets crazier from here. CHEW is the most fun on comic shelves today. And I say this as someone that's read the first 6 issues.

Next up, on July 1, the second printing of CHEW #1 (with a crazy green logo) will be hitting stores side by side with CHEW #2. So be sure to pick both up. Issue 2 is Tony's first day on the job in the FDA, and it's a crazy one. As I said, there's more to being an FDA Agent than meets the eye. And there's friggin' ninjas.

Now, onto some FAQs.

1) Commissions: Yes, I do take on commissions from time to time. Generally, I charge $100 for a 9x12 headshot in pen and ink, and it goes up depending on complexity. For any inquiries, hit me at

2) CHEW Art for Sale: Yes, I will be selling every page of CHEW art in the coming months. Can't sell any just yet, but I'll be having a whole lotta pages to get rid of soon. Check back here for updates on that.

And San Diego Comic-con! John Layman and I will be parked at the Image booth, selling copies of the book as well as other assorted goodies. So stop by and say "Yo". I'll be doing commissions all week.

Later for now,


kat truffaut said...

Eeeeek I can't wait to see you guys at Comic Con! ^_^ I also can't really wait for #2 -- it seems like forever. D:

michaeljsmith said...

Congrats again on the sellout - well deserved recognition for a really good book

Paul said...

Like a fool, i didnt pre-order the first issue AARARARRAAGGGG. but i am checking daily for it to come back into stock.
i will not make the same mistae on the rest of the issues.

cant wait for them