Saturday, July 11, 2009

Art Sales.

Alright...I've been avoiding this post like the plague, but here goes.

Thanks for everyone that emailed about original CHEW art. The response was not at all expected and totally overwhelming. I've been organizing these sales as best as I can, making sure everyone gets a solid page at a decent price that's fair to you and me. I avoided selling via eBay, mainly because I really feel like having you guys fight for the art would be annoying, greedy on my part and a major turn-off to potential fans. I'm not looking to make a fortune here. You guys have made this book a hit, and the alternative to getting these pages in your hands is for them to be stuffed under a pile of crap in my file. So it's a no-brainer.

So bear with me as this really is my first time selling originals of my comic work. It's quite strange. Sale details are as follows:

Price: Every interior page is priced starting at $150, and varies depending on complexity. Covers generally go for $400-ish.

What you Get: Each page is a black and white composition done with red graphite, inked over with pen and brush on a custom bristol page (Fancy!). Certain pages are not for sale (or may go for cheaper) because they have blank panels, which I leave for adding digital elements. Just pick up the book, and email me which pages you like already!

And to answer the question I've gotten more than anything: NO, I'm not selling the cover to CHEW #1. Keeping that baby to pay for my kids' college, or to sell should I be banished from comics down the road. But be sure to check back in about 10 years or so :)

Monthly Sales: I'll be selling a new batch of pages every month as new issues debut. Lotta pages equals a lotta chances to score one. So check back monthly. I ship out pages as their respective issue hits stands.

Commissions: Headshots go for $100, and price goes up per complexity. Allow a couple months for me to do them. I DO sleep from time to time. Sporadically.

Payment: Still working out the best way to do this. More than likely, Paypal. To be continued...

I'll be posting new info as I think of it. I'm refining this process as I find what works for me and doesn't interfere with the monthly work. Bear with me, you lovely, lovely people.



NamesJay said...

Thank you Rob, for allowing your fans this great opportunity!

Paul said...

Looking forward to seeing your work in all it's original glory

SchoolOfGonzo said...

anineaHey man are you still selling pages?

Rob Guillory said...

Yep. Original pages are at