Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Commissions!

Yep, I'm taking a few commissions for Christmas. Depending on the complexity of the ones I get, I should have room for around 10. So, jump on it! Details below.

The Art: 9x12, pencil, inks and watercolor (occasionally gouache).

The Price: $100 for busts/headshot of one character, $150 for full figure one character. Anything more is negotiable, but obviously the more detail, the more it costs.

Mailout: Sending out all commissions by Dec. 14 for pre-Christmas delivery. Sadly, I can't guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for overseas orders.

Shipping Cost: Tack on $15. We pack each piece with love and care, so's to ensure a safe delivery. And by "we" I mean "My Amazing Wife". Again, overseas shipping will be more, so I'll price you on a case-by-case basis.

For Requests: Email, and I'll get back to you. Spots are limited, so if these fill up fast, I may just reply with "Sorry, all full up."

Your Name: (Obviously.)
Character Request: (Again, if you say "Something CHEW-related" or "Whatever ya want!", I will love you. FOREVER.)
Shipping Address: (Clearly.)

Payment: Paypal only.

And I'll update here when I'm full up. If this works out, expect me to do more of this in 2013.


UPDATE: Wow, that was fast. I'm all full up on Christmas commissions! But no worries, I'll be reopening the list, post-holidays. THANKS!

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