Friday, October 19, 2012

Wizard Austin Commissions!

Yep...once again, it's been too damn long since I've posted. I draw a comic page a day. Gimme a break. Only so many hours in a day, guys!

That said, I'm looking to take a few commissions for next weekend's WizardWorld Austin convention. I'm thinking I'll take 15-20 of them. I've never taken pre-orders before, but I figure I'd give it a shot. Details below!

The Art: 9x12, pencil, inks and watercolor (occasionally gouache).

The Price: $100 for busts/headshot of one character, $150 for full figure one character.

The Pickup: Sunday, Oct. 28, last day of the con. If you need it earlier, we can talk about it.

For Requests: Email, and I'll be getting back to you before the con. I'll need the following info in the email....

Your Name: (Obviously.)
Character Request: (If you say "Something CHEW-related" or "Whatever ya want!", I will love you. FOREVER.)
Cell #: (So I can reach you at the show for pickup.)

For these pre-orders, I'm asking that payments are made through PayPal prior to the show. I may take more commissions at the show, if I get done with these early.

Below are examples of commissions from recent shows.

So yeah, if you're interested, hit me up. If this works out, I'll probably do it for all future shows.

OH, and I dunno if I've ever mentioned it here, but if anyone's interested in buying original CHEW art, hit It's just that easy. TONS of stuff from previous issues there.



Unknown said...

You're drawings are so amazing! I sometimes use them as reference when I practise drawing. Would you mind if I posted them on my blog? My thought is, that I would post my image and link to your blog, if you want me to, I could also post your image in the blogpost.

My blog is here:

Hope you won't mind?

Rob Guillory said...

Thanks. Yeah, just credit me and link my blog.