Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My wall of Awesome. And Voltron protects them all.

For those who haven't heard, CHEW won the 2011 Eisner for Best Continuing Series last weekend. And that's pretty stinkin' awesome. Thanks to all you fans, creators and retailers that made this possible. You guys are awesome.

And YES, I know the blog's been pretty damn barren as of late. What can I say? Between having a kid and keeping an (almost) monthly comic schedule, things have been busy. A lot's happened in the last year, and I've sucked at covering all of it. So I've dedicated myself to posting more regularly from here on. Seriously this time. SERIOUSLY.

See ya tomorrow. (seriously).

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Colin said...

Hey Rob,
I talk to April occasionally...she might remember me as drunken comic art search guy...hahaha. I just wanted to let you know that you have a huge fan in me. The only problem I have with your comic is that I think you and Layman may have set the bar to low in terms of the issue run. I could easily see this going on for years to come. Not to put any pressure on ya. I feel like I am pretty picky in my quality control and you continue to be one of my favorites. I put you in the same category with my other two favorite artists, Sam Kieth and Ralph Steadman. I realize you have a much different style but it is very recognizable. I felt I needed to comment as I have checked your blog just about every day since December. I hope you April and the boy are all well. I really appreciate what you do and look forward to much more of your work in the future.
Much Love,