Monday, August 24, 2009

What's New?

Has it really been a month since my last post? Time flies when you're grindin'. I haven't looked up from my drawing table since SDCC...

Without getting too long-winded, here's what's new on my side:

1) The CHEW Sellouts continue.
Yep, as of now, we've sold out of everything that we've put out (which is insane). So on September 2, look out for CHEW #1 (fourth and Final printing), CHEW #2 (third printing), CHEW #3 (second printing) and CHEW #4 (first printing). Whew...mouthful.

2) CHEW Trade release on Nov. 25....for $10!
That's right. 128 full color pages, collecting the Taster's Choice arc (Issues 1-5) for a measly $10. Not only that...but on the same day, CHEW #6 will be released (cover below-SPOILER ALERT). Perfect jumping on point. Check out the trade cover above and you can Pre-Order the trade HERE.

3) Art Sales Stuff:
Thanks for the patience of all the folks that have been inquiring about original art. We're finally getting on track and getting organized. I'm adding an Original Art page to the site where you can check in for updated price lists for CHEW. I'll be debuting that this week.

4) CHEW Limited Prints:
This is something really special that I'm particularly excited about. These are oversized (think 11x17) full color, extremely high quality prints of CHEW printed on fine, fine cotton paper and signed and numbered. The guys at 1of1Printing did a sample print of the CHEW #1 cover for me at SDCC, and I'm completely in love with it. These things are frame-able pieces of art, and honestly are the best reproductions of my art I've ever seen. I'll be posting more info, including sample photos and price in the near future. I may do on-demand interior pages or just do limited runs of each cover. We'll see.

5) Press Bits: did a cool write-up on the book. did a pretty extensive interview with Layman.
iFanboy did a short video interview with Layman and me at SDCC, a cool podcast review and gave us their Pick of the Week. Very cool.
AICN had some nice things to say.
And posted one of the more bizarre CHEW-related news bits. Weird...

And lastly, I just wanna say THANKS to you folks that keep supporting this crazy-ass book. It just gets more fun from here.


*********SPOILER IMAGE BELOW!!!!!***********


michaeljsmith said...

interested in hearing more about the prints... oh and I believe has had a little Chew coverage :-D

ModHip said...

I hope when the Chew Trade comes out Image prints it on the same paper they used for the recent Firebreather trade.. I hate the glossy stuff..