Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CHEW #1 Tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow is the big day. And guess what? I also turned 27 today, so you know what you can get me :)

Also, just in the spirit of keeping the news flow going, here's a bunch of recent press, plus advance reviews that we've been stockpiling:

AintitCoolNews.com Interview
Newsarama Ambidextrous Interview
TFAW.com Interview
ComicsWaitingRoom Advance Review
Secret Identity Podcast Advance Review
Eye on Comics Advance Review
Comixtreme Advance Review
Fanboy.com on the CHEW #3 Cover Art

And there's more to follow, including some cool stuff we'll be putting up on ComicBookResources.com over the next few days. Until then, how about some peeks at future issues?

UPDATED: CBR just put up a cool Process of CHEW piece that I scribbled up a while back. It chronicles the creation of the CHEW #1 cover and 2-page spread, from script to final image. Check it out, you process junkies, you!

The Process of CHEW on CBR.



Dave Crosland, aka King Gum said...

Gorgeous work, Rob! I've been reading the press (just read your process bit on CBR) and it looks like this book is gonna make one hell of a splash! Congratulations on tomorrow's release. It's really great to see you out there, killin' it!

Dave Crosland, aka King Gum said...

Hey, Rob! I've been reading the press on "Chew" and just read over your process bit on CBR... incredible stuff, man! Looks like this book is gonna make one hell of a splash. Way to rock it, my friend! Congrats on tomorrow's release!

Unknown said...

I've never been a fan of comic books, but this one got me interested. the artwork looks great and the plot sounds very original. wish u good luck on the release day. this one may be a hit!