Thursday, April 9, 2009

PREVIEWS Solicit and

Here's a couple scans of our write-up in PREVIEWS magazine. Pretty snazzy (though no one says "snazzy" anymore).

Also, the official CHEW blog is live here. Feel free to Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or Messenger-Pigeon it everywhere. The view is subject to change, so bear with us while we get our footing. We'll be posting new stuff over the next few weeks as new interviews and special goodies get released.

Also, here are a couple cool pieces of press from the last couple weeks, so check them out at and

I also did a cool Making of CHEW feature for It's a look at the process of creation behind one page of the book. Fun stuff.

More to follow. But I got pages to pencil right now.



Scott Hume said...

awesome dude, seriosuly can't wait to read this one, so far you've done a badass job on the art chores, really dig all the character stuff you've shown so far.

industri studios said...

Great work, a long road, but (clearly) well deserved success. Cheers!

Grottesco said...

When I so the mosaic splash, you blew my mind...I could only find the second printing but its worth it, congrats!!!