Monday, January 19, 2009

Late Resolutions...

Man, I really suck at this updating thing...

Alright, so this is a few weeks late, but I figure now's as good as any time to show a few of the 09 projects I'm cracking away on. I've got three projects in development that are too early in the going to really chat about, but the stuff below is what I've got locked in so far.


I've been posting the occasional peek at some of the CHEW artwork over the last few months, and I'll be revealing more until its release in May/June. We're starting it off with an initial five issue run through Image Comics, and I'm thinking there will be more to follow. My writer on this, John Layman, is a total mad genius, and I've had a blast kicking his scripts around. It's an edgier, more mature break from the kid-friendly stuff I've been dabbling in lately. Speaking of which...

2. St. Spooky's

Just finished Book 1 of Spooky's (9 issues, 4 page serialized chapters) for Random House's The DFC. This one's available via subscription only, and primarily in the UK, but US residents can order it with shipping costs attached. I'd highly recommend it. The DFC's an awesome way to get kids not only reading, but reading comics. We may be doing a Book 2 of this later in the year.

3. Teddy Scares

Yep, I'll be doing more Teddy Scares this year, too. So far, I've contributed to three issues (both on sale here, and the third will be on sale soon), and they were a blast. I'm a huge fan of infusing humor in my art, and the TS stories are always hilarious. Plus, the guys at APE have been really cool about letting me experiment with different techniques, which is always fun. For the new issue (above), I went with a dirtier, textured look.

4. Solo Project

This one, I've hinted at in a couple past posts. Keeping mum on this for now, except that 1) this'll be my first project where I'll be handling script and art, 2) it's sci-fi-based and 3) it's complete lunacy. More on this later.

5. Children's Book

This one's been a fun little break. Written by local writer Theresa Singleton, this is my first real foray into children's books, which I've thought of trying for a while. This was a great experiment with a really clean, simplified look. I'll be finishing art on this in the next couple days. After that, I'll post any info as I get it.

Also, expect a site and gallery update in the next couple months. It's time to dust off the cobwebs...

And that's it for now. Now that the New Year's blitzkrieg has settled, I'm gonna try to get back into the habit of posting new art on a weekly basis.

Fingers crossed...


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industri studios said...

No surprise - I'm already excited. Thanks for the sneak peaks.