Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Absentee Landlord.

Sorry for the slow flow of updates, peeps. I've been really busy these days working on a bunch of stuff that I can't really show off yet. But things are good, so stay tuned for the real fun.

Above is a page from a new project that kinda fell in my lap a bit before Comicon. This one's written by the awesome John Layman. More of this to follow. But for now, I've got pages to ink!



Scott Hume said...

Great looking page as always man, looking forward to seeing more.

Unknown said...

You need to stop "starting" new projects and start RELEASING some 'ish... LOL!

This looks GORGEOUS, by the way...

Rob Guillory said...

Oh, Industri....I've got some 'ish for you.