Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving on.

Newsarama has a nice little write-up on the fate of the Tokyopop Manga Pilot Program that's been under fire for the last couple months. Of course, writer Brandon Jerwa and I were a part of said program, but after all the instability the company's been experiencing lately, we felt it was best to move our creation, Jason Mason, elsewhere. We're shopping it around at a few different comic and book publishers, and things are looking ripe.

For all the hellfire Tokyopop's taken lately, I can't say our experience with the company was a negative one. We entered into the Pilot Program with a simple plan to test the waters, and if things fell flat with T-Pop, there was still an out contractually where we could take our project elsewhere. And honestly, getting out was an easy thing to do. We took a chance, and now we're moving forward.

Here's to all the guys who didn't land as softly. Namely, good luck to all the editors, including ours, Paul Morrissey.


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Scott Hume said...

tough break man,still looking forward to reading jason mason though, kind of sucks that alot of the books I was looking forward to from Tp aren't getting printed anymore.