Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TS Inks.

Testing that ink wash technique on Page 1 of my next Teddy Scares 10 page story.
Same deal as before: Light pencils laid down, then I cover the whole page with Luma brand Amber Yellow ink mixed with water. After it dries, I work out the lineart with black brush and pen, then shadows are dropped in with tan and sepia Copic markers. Highlights are added with a Presto white-out squeeze pen. Maybe a bit low-tech, but I like it. I also pushed around some ink with my fingers here and there just for a little dirtying-up texture.

Not a lotta people know that I have my degree in Painting (what a degree), so it was really fun treating this like a little mini-painting instead of a comic page. I'm definitely gonna be using this technique more.

Now, for the Photoshopping...


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