Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spidey Done.

Spiderman is the greatest superhero on the planet, man. Period. And for me, Doc Ock is the quintessential Spidey villain. That might be because Doc Ock was the only Spidey baddie I had an action figure of as a kid... but still.

This was a lotta fun. A perfect chance to be silly (hence Doc Ock pining after Aunt May. Ya know, they dated once? True story...) I wanted this piece to be action-y, but retain a silliness that I think is key to Peter Parker. Peter's a quirky guy, and I can relate, so I tried to put that across in this piece.

So often doing art can fall into "work", but there's nothing like feeling like a kid again to make you remember just how fun drawing comics can be.

I think I'm gonna have to do more of these. A Batman one might be fun for the next one... :)


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