Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shape of Things to Come.

I've been stuffed under a rock for a while, cooking up all kinda goodies, and it's almost time to unveil them. FINALLY. But not yet. Heh.

But in the spirit of keeping the blood flowing, I figured I'd post a few one-panel peeks at what's on my plate. Here we go...

First up is my contribution to the DFC, St. Spooky's School for Girls, written by Tony Lee, which will be debuting in the UK this month. Spooky's has been a great opportunity to just go absolutely insane with my color palette. Seriously, the colors were my favorite part of the whole project. Crazy liberties were taken.

Next is a mystery project that I'm extremely excited about. Let's just say that it has afros and lots of guns. Oh, and Josh Fialkov is writing it, so expect lots of crazy. This is the quick and dirty project I've been dreaming about while working on all my more kid-friendly projects.

And of course, there's Jason Mason, my Tokyopop pilot written by Brandon Jerwa. It's officially in the can, so expect that to go online shortly. OH...and expect a little viral activity. Just a little...

I'm also starting my next volume of Teddy Scares for APE. Working on a bit edgier of a look for that.

And the mysterious panel at the top of this post is a panel from Shortbus Superstars! that's never been seen. Looks like a gathering of monsters of some sorts. Hmm...

That's it for the preview for now. Later for now.


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